Our Story

My first holiday as a parent has been one of my most cherished memories. This realisation has only intensified the more we have travelled together. I truly believe that the time we spent together, as a family, in discovering new places has been second to none and “the best” a destination had to offer was never found in any tour book, journal, etc, it was in the joy of discovering it together. I have generally relied on the guidance I got from experienced travellers, may it be couples or travelled parents and paired with a lot of research. But there is no denying the fact that all this “planning” takes time and the information available on the web is really overwhelming. Not everyone may have the time or inclination to plan a perfect holiday and then make it work. We don’t think these are not reasons enough to a rob a family of a great vacation together and this is what has has motivated us to start a travel service that advises on itineraries, accommodations, logistics and so on after drawing a lot of insights from “experienced travellers” and marrying it perfectly with credible research. The result – Luminous Trips, a dedicated platform to make your family holidays real.

We hope our services help you take make your vacations real give you happy travel memories that last a lifetime.