Six Senses Samui – Part 2

The resort has been built to resemble a Thai fishing village; it is colossal in terms of the area but the architecture has been kept to a minimum; so aligned to the theme, that it almost camouflages. There is huge play on “being earthy” and “green” and its evident in the most subtlest of the things here. The straws to sip on are made of lemon grass stalk! Amongst other activities, they have DIY workshops on how to make lemon grass straws at the library – a must do.

The Pool

Facing the sun set side of the island, sits a stunning infinity pool with seamless views of the ocean. Add to this a recliner and a sundowner; while you watch the sun give way to a sky full of meandering colours that gently fade away in the abyss. 

“The Library” with a suspended deck !

There is a remarkable restaurant here called “dining of the rocks” – it is their most fabled offering and for good reason. An expertly crafted al fresco dining menu complemented by bamboo terraced decks facing the ocean catapults a fine dining experience in realm of its own. Arrive here as much before the sunset, and be prepared to be awe struck, dazzled.

The Beach

Amidst teak bamboos, hammock like day beds have been placed here that overlook the turquoise ocean with a blue sky above. A view of the rising sun from the the beach in early hours of the morning would definitely get etched in the memory.

The Spa

Tucked in an incredibly peaceful corner of the resort is the spa. It has a cascading architecture that leads to the ocean. The meditation sala here is extra ordinary. I know of someone; for him, it is impossible to sit still for more than 15.5 seconds – I have been timing him since his birth. He is just not equipped to do it.

He scored his personal best here, and that too by a huge margin. Transcended in to the bliss, as it were.

Such is the calm here.

Farm on the Hill

Six senses’ push on sustainability is commendable. They have a corner here that they call farm on the hill. It houses a goat herd that you can feed and a chicken pen where you can go egg scouting in the mornings. The chef would then fix up a breakfast for you with the fresh eggs and other ingredients that come from the organic garden. They had little daily scorecard outside the pen. The children absolutely loved this.

The resort undertakes various initiatives to educate the local communities and schools through workshops and community engagements on aspects such as the importance of waste reduction, using natural pesticides, importance of recycling and circularity, etc. 

Everything was remarkable here, in all aspects and no one was going to leave a stone unturned to ensure that their residents were were taken care of, but their their push on sustainability and “inclusion” of the local communities is extraordinary, at its least.

The mornings here were so refreshing and transformative, with everything finding a purpose with the sun’s ascend and in the evenings, with the sun’s descend, the transformation would commence yet again. What would not transform, though but keep on manifolding, was the magic.

If tranquility had a form, this was it.


Thank you for the memories





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