What we do

Trip customization

You may want to visit the lively tourist haunts or you may fancy “beyond the obvious”, wandering through villages, taking road trips trough the countryside, staying in a farm or a ranch. We totally get this and we work one on one with you and 100% customize an itinerary the way you want it and recommend hotels, activities, attractions and things-to-do inline with your preferences. We are also very mindful of your pocket and its our prime endeavour to design a trip thats optimum on all fronts.

      Travelling with children

A child’s mind is like a sponge and travel is a force of the good. It gives us a better understanding of the world, cultural empathy, it teaches humility by realizing how big the world actually is. The exposure a child gets while travelling is second to none, as he becomes a global citizen. It is one of the best investments a parent can make in his child. However, planning a holiday with children is a totally different ball game and there are many forces at play that one needs to be mindful of. The first hand insights and information from well-traveled parents is second to none while planning a family vacation. Pairing such experience with relevant and reliable travel content is the perfect recipe of designing a magical kid friendly itinerary. This is the very foundation of all our kid friendly customizations. We absolutely love travelling with our children and we want all families to feel that way.

         Family adventure holidays

Settled parents! it doesn’t mean that you are through with your adventuring days. We will tailor make an adrenaline pumped expedition for adventure yearning parents and children.